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Print Writers and The High Tech World

More people are writing in print script everyday. How does this fit with communication in a high tech world?

People who print and prefer to printare preoccupied with the accurate communication of facts unaltered by imagination. Printers are visual learners, and they constantly strive for efficiency. They like speed in performance. They are direct in their communication, they do not beat around the bush, and they expect the same approach in return.

Printers prefer simplicity in their lifestyle.  They often are artistic and intuitive.

Personality and The Print Writer

Many of you are aware that more and more people are printing today rather than writing in cursive.  I am often asked what handwriting analysis reveals about the personality of printers.

Printing fits very well with our high tech world and is reflective of the culture we live in. The models and styles of handwriting have changed over the decades and handwriting from the time periods reflect our cultural changes.For example,look at  handwriting from Victorian times with it's ornateness and compare it with today's almost stick like hand printing.

Common Core Standards and Uncommon Cursive

Today is National Handwriting Day.  My article,Common Core Standards and Uncommon Cursivewas recently published and is available on the internet.  I hope you will read it and let me know your thoughts on the subject.

Are you aware of the fact that writing in cursive and typing on a keyboard create different neuropathways in the brain? Studies are indicating that learning to write in cursive has a strong effect on the learning process, especially in areas of reading and memorization.

The need to learn keyboarding skills is obvious.

Cursive handwriting and Common Core Standards

      The Common Core Standards for education are beginning to be rolled out in schools across the country. Many people are unaware that the Language Arts section of the Common Core standards has omitted cursive handwriting as a subject that must be taught. Keyboarding is a required course. The need for keyboarding skills is obvious. The need to learn cursive handwriting while less obvious is also important.

     The omission of cursive handwriting has created growing controversy  over the role handwriting and keyboarding instruction will have in the classroom, particularly in the elementary grades where students are still developing their reading, writing and motor skills.

An interesting observation about writing in longhand

This is an interesting article about writing in longhand posted by a professional writer.

Do You Really Know Who You Are Hiring?

If you are a small business owner you know that every time  lose an employee your company productivity goes down and morale goes down plus you have the frustrating job of placing a new ad and interviewing and checking backgrounds.  Certainly not how you want or need to spend your time.  You can avoid this costly, time consuming and disruptive situation by using personality testing through handwriting analysis.It is estimated that a hiring mistake costs a company $8,000 or more depending on the level of the job position.

Why is Printing Replacing Cursive Writing?

There are many people who can not write in cursive today as well as many who can not read cursive.  There are a myriad of reasons why this is so. Perhaps the biggest reason is because very little time is spent teaching cursive handwriting anymore.  Some teachers do not know how to write in cursivebecause it is not taught as a part of the schooling for elementary educators.  Does it matter?There is a lot of controversyabout the importance of learning to write in cursive.  Some people think it is outdated and unnecessary.

Signatures What Your Signature Says About you

Signatures are rather like a person's trademark.  In fact in some cases signatures such as WK Kellogg, Jim Beam and Walt Disney they are the company trademark.
Signatures indicate what the person wants to show the world about themselves.  They can be highly revealing. Signatures should be legible.  Illegible signatures indicate that the writer does not care to communicate who they are. Occasionally a person will write with only a long line or scribbles thinking that this will make it very hard for anyone to forge their signature.

The Two Types of Handwriting Analysis Explained.

Many people do not realize that there are two types of handwriting analysis. Although both types of handwriting analysis work with handwriting they are completely different in their purpose and methodologies.

One type is Forensic Handwriting Analysis which is used to determine the authenticity of a signature or some other questioned handwritten document, note, page or graffiti. This type of handwriting analysis is typically referred to as Questioned Document examination or Handwriting Authentication handwriting analysis.

Don't Markup Your Document!

It is important to know that when you have a signature or any type of document that you believe is forged or in question you should not make any marks on the document.  Documents submitted for examination must not be altered by you in anyway, check marks, circles, strikeouts and other marks can cause the document to be rejected as evidence by the court. Original documents are preferred as they may provide more information than a copy.  For example, the pressure applied when writing can be seen and felt on the original.