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June 2014

Research Indicates Why It Is Important For Kids To Learn How To Write In Cursive

Thanks to the discovery of neuroplasticity we now know that groups of neurons in the brain create new connections and pathways amongthemselves every time we acquire a new skill.Before we discard cursive handwritingas no longer necessary we need to examine what research is indicating regarding cursive and the affect it has on the brain. 

Dr. Frank R. Wilson, a leading neurologist, published a remarkable book which was nominated for a Pulitzer prize,The Hand: How its Use Shapes the Brain, Language and Human Culture

What does it indicate about personality when a person always prints when asked to write

 This is a question I often get when talking to people about handwriting analysis.

How does the personality of a person who always prints differ from the personality of a person who writes in cursive? 

Every personality is unique, no one aspect of the writing stands alone.

People who print and prefer to print are preoccupied with the accurate communication of facts unaltered by imagination.  They have learned to leave their feelings out of their communication. They generally are not comfortable discussing their personal feelings.